A Turn-key Solution to In-Office Allergy Testing

SAFE & SIMPLE - Our allergy testing program has been setup and designed as a less-invasive, less painful, more patient friendly alternative to traditional allergy testing.
COMPREHENSIVE - Our program test for a comprehensive blend of the most common North American environmental and food allergens based on the regions in which you practice. These allergens include pollens, molds, fungi, dander, and the like.
  • Allergies are one of the top 5 leading chronic diseases with 1 in 5 people who deal with allergy or asthma symptoms.
  • Over 50 million people suffer from some type of allergenic disease.
Providers have two paths they can take when treating allergy patients:
  • The Second is an evidence based approach that includes testing, diagnosis, treatment and ultimately eliminating allergies. This approach is not only better for a patient, but allows the provider to wholly take care of their patients.

Rationale for an Allergy Program

Systematic vs. Evidence

All of us deserve to live an active, healthy, and balanced life. And getting to a comfortable point doesn't have to be overly difficult. At Health CONNECT FHA, LLC, our allergy testing program provides patients the opportunity to ultimately eliminate troublesome allergy symptoms and allows them to live a normal worry free life.

Maintaining a Balance in Life

Accurately, economically and safely diagnose and treat allergies in wellness centers and primary care locations.

  • It is meaningful to know what the specific 'root causes' of allergies are and how certain triggers can be avoided to maintain quality of health.
COMPLIANT & ECONOMICAL - This allergy test is covered by most major insurance companies and is also compliant with FDA regulations. In the past, patients would have to be sent to an allergist or some specialist to have a test like this performed. The test was painful and included a treatment that was painful as well. Now, your patients can have the test performed without an added referral and get treatment that is self administrated, painless, and less costly with Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT).
  • First is a systematic approach that only treats the symptoms.