Health CONNECT FHA, LLC, a partner of Future Health Alliance, is an innovative company that provides superior Allergy Test Programs, that are evidenced-based solutions. Our solutions are designed as less-invasive, less painful, more friendly alternative to traditional allergy testing. We provide physicians with a evidence-based solution to allergy diagnostics and management. Our program improves continuity of care by giving patients access to testing in your office and generates significant practice revenue. Health CONNECT FHA provides you with everything your practice needs to establish and grow an in-office Allergy Testing program for your patients.

Balanced & Coordinated Treatment

About Health Connect

Allergy relief is only a few drops away... no shots, no hassle allergy relief through Sublingual Immunotherapy Allergy Drops.

Improving Lives & Personal Wellness

Accuratelly, economically and safely diagnose and treat allergies in wellness centers and primary care locations

From the start, Health CONNECT FHA, LLC is committed to partnering with you every step of the way. We have developed a well-functioning , innovative program so you can focus on providing safe, effective and valuable service to your patients. At the same time, there are positive economic drivers for your MD/Facility.