Easy Blood Collection
Easy to use blood collection cards take advantage of a simple finger stick at a clinician's office to acquire four 1/2 inch circles of blood.
Each patient sample is tested for all allergens simultaneously in triplicate, with positive and negative controls, for unsurpassed precision and accuracy with no false negative results. Each sample includes Total IgE measurement. The high test redundancy of the microarray platform enables high sensitivity and specificity values superior to traditional platforms.
Increased Compliance
Collection of the blood sample in the clinician's office assures 100% patient compliance. No separate visit to the lab for blood collected by a phlebotomist is necessary.

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All microarrays are calibrated and quantified for excellent dependability.
Microarray manufacturing is performed in Class 1 clean rooms using advanced equipment and industry gold standard technology.

4 Easy Steps




Lancet Patient Finger

Saturate All Four Spots on the Blood Card

Mail to Lab with Envelope Provided

Allergy Testing Program

IgE Blood Drop Test Cards: The Allergy Health Connect Advantage

Easy to use blood collection cards take advantage of a simple finger stick at a clinician's office to acquire four 1/2 inch circles of blood. The need to draw several tubes of blood from the arm is eliminated. The testing time is 5 minutes. There are a total of 63 combined allergens tested, 26 common food allergens, and 37 common inhalant allergens, which are measured from the same dried blood collection card including Total IgE. Clinician training is provided directly by Health CONNECT FHA LLC


Positive/Negative Predictive Values
The high specificity and sensitivity of the microarray combined with the comprehensive allergen national profiles and Total IgE delivers superior positive/negative predictive values to clinicians as compared to smaller regional profiles performed with traditional testing platforms.
Miniaturized and Multiplexed
Simultaneous testing of all allergens and total IgE in a miniaturized array (microarray) eliminates the well-to-well variability and false negatives results associated with traditional testing platforms and enables low volume blood collection.
Allergen raw material standardization coupled with advanced microarray technology provide high precision and consistent results.
Clinical Value
Comparisons to skin testing and traditional testing methods demonstrate agreement in clinical indications.

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